Typography is at the centre of our everyday lived experience. It gives us a voice to express ideas, tell stories or articulate meaning.

Outside the bounds of traditional typesetting, and beyond the scope of familiar media, letters can become the source of experimentation, taking on a personality of their very own. The restraints of legibility are loosened to the whim of illustrated characters, deconstructed forms or references to the vernacular.

GO FONT UR SELF* embraces letterforms as the inspiration for these works of art from international artists, designers and typographers. Whether it’s in the sweeping strokes and swashes or pixelated punctuation; the alphabet becomes the source for exploring lyrical modes of visual expression.

The GFUS* Typography Initiative is an ongoing showcase of typographic works presented by Kirin and produced by Peer Group Media.

via: www.dontsleepmagazine.com


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