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Cumshots y Olé. 2012


New Letters

Since 2006 i have been doing canvas and sketches based on Bauernmalerei but never had mixed with graffiti. I will work more from this concept.
Thanks for Ashe and my family Cumshots.

Cherry Blossomm Bodypaint

Pues eso, una sesión de Bodypaint y reportaje fotográfico con Estefanía De Celis.

A Cherry Blossomm Bodypaint sesion with Estefanía De Celis.

Royal love

Thanks for my girl Becki.
Royal Love Again.

Writters Block series 2

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Underground photographer


Sean V: Underground photographer
Produced shot and edited by Carl Weston
New York City Underground Subway & Graffiti Photography.
Shot with an HV20 @ 24p: Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Cineform Prospect HD, Magic Bullet Looks 1.0

This is great.